Do you know a mutant?

This law recently passed by Congress has been the subject of enormous controversy. Civil Rights activists and lawyers believe that this Law violates the rights of citizens with mutant powers. On the other hand, these citizens have very dangerous capabilities and the Government wants to have them controlled.

The Directive establishes that all people with alterations in their X-gene must register at the offices of the Mutant Control Agency, revealing their identity and special powers.

The Agency, backed by Congress, has not hesitated to use all the means in its hands to force the mutants to register, voluntarily or involuntarily.

Sometimes the simple decision to comply with the law has been enough for some citizens with mutant powers to do what they think is right.

Other mutants, who were not so sure that this law did not violate their Civil Rights, have been coerced to register by blackmail … and the Mutant Control Agency has a lot of information about the mutant citizens that is has been watching for years.

Mutant Control Agency
Mutant Registration Directive