Mutants have special abilities that allow them to do impossible things for any normal human.

In Mutant X-Perience, depending on the number of players in your group, you will have some powers available or others.

2 mutants : telepathy + healing, beam emission + magnetism.

3 mutants : telepathy, beam emission, magnetism.

4 mutants : telepathy, beam emission, magnetism, healing.

5 mutants : telepathy, beam emission, magnetism, healing, light manipulation.

6 mutants : telepathy, beam emission, magnetism, healing, light manipulation and energy control.

Each team member will have one of these powers and there can not be more than one mutant with the same powers in the team.

“We advise you to decide who will have each of the powers, agreeing among you before coming to our facilities.”

Mutant Control Agency
Mutant Control Agency
Mutant Registration Directive
Mutant Registration Directive


Mutants with this ability can communicate mentally with other people. They are also more resistant to mental or psionic aggressions and can even perceive mental echos imprinted on inanimated objects.


Some mutants can emit powerful beams of energy from their hands, eyes, or other body areas. It is a very dangerous and destructive ability that consumes a large amount of mutant energy.


Some mutants have the ability to control different elemental forces. In this case, a mutant with control over magnetism can manipulate metallic objects, perceive metal or differentiate between magnetic and non-magnetic metals.


A mutant with the ability to influence the speed of metabolic regeneration, both his own and that of others, has the ability to “heal” the damage received by another person and regenerate himself very quickly.


This mutation gives the ability to generate visible and ultraviolet light and also absorb powerful light radiation. In some cases, this makes you immune to all light frequencies.


A rare mutation that gives the subject the ability to generate mutant energy beyond their needs, so they could share it with other subjects, sometimes overcharging their powers. In addition, they may be capable of absorbing some types of energy.